Free entry to all events and classes! /// Kurs & Veranstaltungen sind öffentlich und frei zugänglich!
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arrival day /// Anreisetag
18:30 opening concert /// Eröffnungskonzert: Veronika Lemishenko & Elisabeth Plank

15:45 Special Class Sound /// Klang (Mirjam Schröder)
18:30 concert Şirin Pancaroğlu: „The Turkish Harp“

15:45 Special Class Turkish Tunes (Şirin Pancaroğlu)
18:00 Lecture: The Çeng – An ancient harp reborn from its ashes (Şirin Pancaroğlu)

15:45 Special Class Technique & Healthy playing ///Technik & gesundes Spielen
(Oscar Rodriguez Do Campo -virtually/virtuell)

15:45 Special Class How to prepare a new piece /// Wie man ein neues Stück vorbereitet
(Veronika Lemishenko)

17:00 closing concert (participants) /// Abschlusskonzert (Teilnehmer*innen)

Exhibition /// Ausstellung (opening hours)
Salvi Harps, Lyon & Healy Harps
Musikhaus Kerschbaum
Vienna Harps

Harp service /// Harfenservice
please contact Marco Bertola:
bitte Marco Bertola kontaktieren:


Şirin Pancaroğlu

For Şirin Pancaroğlu, discovering a variety of musical identities for the harp is a central endeavor. Trained as a classical harpist at the Geneva Conservatory and Indiana University Jacob’s School of Music, she is equally active in the realm of traditional Turkish music as she is in the mainstream harp repertoire. With concerts in over twenty countries, twelve album recordings and a multitude of collaborations to her credit, she has been sharing her musical roots with audiences, connecting the traditional to worldly ideas. Şirin’s work on unearthing the historical Turco-Ottoman harp called the “çeng” has earned her a unique place in harp history, leading her to become closely acquainted with Turkish music. First transcribing and arranging from the traditional Turkish music repertoire, she later started composing music for harp with ties to the tradition and beyond. Şirin is the creator of “The Turkish Harp”, a project embodying experiences and knowledge she has accumulated since 2007.

Şirin Pancaroğlu performs a selection of pieces from the ‘Turkish Harp Music Collection’. The collection proposes a cross-section of the various instrumental genres from early examples to present day. The program includes her transcriptions as well as works she has composed using the elements of Turkish music, namely ‘makam’, the system organizing the melodic vocabulary, and ‘usul’, the system governing rhythmic patterns.

Gefördert aus dem Kulturbudget des Bezirks Neubau